• Third Grade Salah Program on March 26

    Parents are invited to watch the third grade students perform their newly-learned Salah. Refreshments will be provided afterwards. Evites will be sent via email.

  • Al Furqan School Lockdown Training

    Al-Furqan Committee has scheduled a meeting with the Al-Furqan Staff coming Sunday March 26th at 12.00pm in science lab room. This is very important as it is about safety and security procedures that we all should know, most importantly the lock down procedure which is something new for our school.
    All teachers are supposed to attend this meeting.

  • Fifth Grade Quran Reading Program Graduation on March 19

    All parents are invited for the graduation ceremony and a celebration afterwards. Watch your email for the evite

  • Al-Furqan School resuming Spring schedule with the beginning of daylight savings time.

    We will be following this schedule from Sunday, March 12, 2017:

    • Student Arrival 9:45AM
    • First Period 10:00AM -11 AM
    • Second Period 11:00AM – 12:00 PM
    • Lunch Break 12:00 PM - 12:30PM
    • Third Period 12:30 PM – 01:20 0PM
    • Dismissal: 1:20 PM
    • 1:35 PM Duhar Salah (students are required to pray as part of the curriculum)

  • IAR Initiatives for Safety and Security

    Al-Furqan School would like to keep you updated about the steps that IAR is taking for the safety and security of the mosques and schools. The Islamic Association of Raleigh along with representatives from Triangle area mosques and community centers met with the law enforcement officials on February 15th 2017. The meeting was attended by Federal, State and local law enforcement officials. As a result they are taking important steps: The IAR Security in Coordination with Raleigh Police Department has conducted the following procedures:

    • Training for the Lock Down procedure on March 3rd for schools staffs,Imams, EC Chairs, Shura members, administrators, employees and volunteers
    • The actual Lock down Drill has been successfully conducted on March 08th.
    • Soon there will be an armed officer walking around inside and outside our building and that is part of increasing the security for the Schools. Please do not be alarmed we are just increasing the security due to many members concerns and students’ parents concerns.
    If you have any concerns, please contact IAR security chair at and they will address your concern inshaAllah.

  • Previous Announcements

    See previous announcements here...

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